Sharp & Owen Hair Salon Policies

Right To Refuse Service

Our Salon Staff has the right to refuse service to anyone behaving improperly ,intoxicated or if their state of health may influence the effects of the service.

Cancellation & Deposits Policy

Due to last-minute cancellations and No Show’s, we have updated our policy as follows.

A deposit will be required for Colour and Extension Bookings as well as other bookings if you have previously "no Showed" for a previous appointment.

If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the booking or do not attend a booked appointment you will now be required to pay a deposit for any future appointments.

All deposits are non-refundable, unless you request a refund by giving 24 hours notice and do not have an upcoming booking.

The deposit amount will depend on the services booked however, a guide amount is £20 for a cut and finishing service and £50 for a colour service

This deposit is secured in your account with us and is redeemable against all products and services within the salon.

You can then choose to redeem this at your next appointment or rather than paying another deposit when booking in future, we can keep it in your account as a rolling deposit. (Any deposits held for longer than 11 months without you making a booking or using the credit will be forfeited)

If you cancel or move your appointment within 24 hours of the booked appointment, or do not attend your appointment (No Show) the deposit will be taken as a ‘fee’ towards the loss of earnings of the stylist and the business. You will then be required to re-pay a deposit for any future bookings.

We understand that genuine and unpreventable situations may occur, therefore In exceptional circumstances if you need to move or cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment time, you will be able to do this only once. If you choose to move the booking a second time within 24 hours prior to that appointment or do not attend for your appointment, your deposit will be taken as a ‘fee’ towards the loss of earnings of the stylist and the business and you will then be required to re-pay a deposit for your future booking.

We reserve the right to refuse appointments of a client who misses two or more consecutive booked appointments.

 Consultation & Allergy Testing

All new clients and clients returning after 6 months or more will be invited into the salon for a consultation and allergy test. This is where a stylist can discuss your needs and make sure that you are allergy tested with the correct products that will be used during your colouring service.

An allergy test at Sharp & Owen Hair Salon MUST be carried out at least 48 hours prior to your colour appointment.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

A  consultation is £20.00 whether you decide to book in for a  subsequent service or not. Your service appointment must be booked and attended within 4 weeks from the date of the consultation. The £20.00 consultation fee will be taken off your subsequent bill if you complete the service within the 4 week period. Please note some colour services may require a £50.00 payment  (£30.00 deposit and £20.00 consultation fee) to secure the booking. If you later decide not to go ahead with the service you may request a refund in line with the cancellation policy less the £20.00 charge for the consultation.  

 Corrections & Complaints

Your Satisfaction is our highest priority

If you notice something is not quite right during your appointment tell your stylist straight away or if any part of your service has not lived up to your expectations, we urge you to contact us through the web site Contact Us form (below) within 24 hours of your appointment. or at the latest within 5 days

Your feedback is important to us and we are committed to making any needed corrections to resolve the issue.

We reserve the right to refuse further contact or assistance if you have chosen to rectify any issue yourself or through another salon before we have been given the chance to resolve the matter,

You can contact via our  contact us form or by phone on 01474 355854 during opening hours. Please note during busy times we may not be able to answer the phone but using our contact us form ensures we receive your information so that someone can get back to you as soon as possible.

 Hair Extensions

Extensions are a bespoke service with different types of fitting and colour choices. They are a long term  commitment and require a home care and maintenance  plan to ensure they remain in good condition.

We are not liable for how your extensions wear after you leave the Salon.

Hair is ordered in packs which are non refundable with the supplier, unless returned within 14 days of ordering, be unopened and unused, a handling fee is imposed.

Therefore a consultation is required for all hair extension services to enable your stylist to fully understand what you are hoping to achieve and make suggestions and offer advice depending on your hair type along with colour matching.

If you decide not to proceed with the purchase and fitting of hair extensions the cost of the consultation is £20.00.

If you decide to order and book in for a fitting you will not be charged for the consultation but will need to pay a deposit for the hair and fitting time. the amount payable will depend on the packs required (this could be a minimum of £100.00 or the full costs of the hair extensions plus £50.00 deposit)

If you change your mind, cancel or do not turn up for the fitting appointment the deposit will be taken as a fee towards the loss of earnings of the stylist and the costs to the business for ordering and returning the unopened hair.

Once fitted hair extensions are non returnable or refundable.

After a fitting you will be advised how to look after your new hair and to book in for your maintenance appointment. However should you  have any issue with the hair extensions please contact the Salon for advice, we are happy to make minor adjustments free of charge if they occur within the first 14 days of the fitting, After this period there will be charge.

Any concern with the hair product must be reported to us immediately. As the suppliers of hair extensions have very strict criteria for any returns including not using the correct aftercare products, high heat application, poor hair management.

see below for some of the supplier policies:
•  " For hygiene reasons, we can not accept any products back that have been worn or removed from the packaging or coils. Items will be returned to the customer and no refund will be issued if this was deemed worn or tampered with"
• "Any concern with the hair must be reported to supplier within a maximum of 30 days of the receipt date of the hair; this is due to human hair being a consumable item during wear"
• "do not guarantee the use of  hair extensions whilst on holiday/in warmer climates for various reasons, including discolouration of the hair when coming into contact with swimming pool chlorine and the hair drying out through excess heat. We strongly advise all customers using hair extensions to avoid both chlorine and seawater as this can damage hair and hair colour"

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